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ugh i can’t find any cute one piece swim suits ANYWHERE/

all the cute ones are all sold out. ): 

they only have frumpy ones & i refuse to look like an insecure girl when I am at the beach! anyone know where I can find cute & affordable one pieces?

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  1. arieslilith answered: has the cuuuuuutest suits but they’re effin’ expensive :c I
  2. beautiful-lucy answered: I get cute cut-outs at Delia’s.
  3. calendar--ghoul answered: TjMaxx!
  4. thinkthinlivelove answered: Have you tried PacSun? My friend got the Tavik Lace One Piece and it looks AMAZING. :)
  5. piecesinprogress answered: Victoria’s Secret might have some, they have tons of bathing suit options! :)
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